Charles and Linda Dawson

When our daughter got married, we decided that The Charcoal Pig would be the ideal way to get a Marquee-In-The-Garden wedding reception going with a bang. And so it proved! The magnificent spit-raost beast, and the mighty impressive roasting apparatus, drew an admiring circle of wedding guests, and (next after the Bride & Groom, of course) The Pig was definitely the star of the show! Mark (The Chef) officiated over the elaborate preparation ritual, and was his inimitable self, dishing up delicious cuts of succulent meat to the guests, every inch mine host. (Or is that mine roast?). Either way, we were getting compliments for weeks after the event.

Trevor J Lowe

If you are thinking of entertaining or feeding a large group and the idea of a pig roast has come to mind – make sure it’s a Charcoal Pig roast!

I can testify that using real charcoal makes a big difference to the quality of the end product, couple that with the expertise, professionalism and charm of The Charcoal Pig Company and you have a winning combination.

Mrs N Vine

The Charcoal Pig was the perfect way to celebrate my Husband’s 40th Birthday. We decided to have a pair of suckling pigs. The whole event was a great success – the pigs were cooked perfectly and all our guests were fed in great style, with plenty to go round.

An original way to celebrate – everyone remarked on the spectacle of the pigs roasting over the coals, and how tasty the meat was!

Thank you all so much for your hard work and organizing a day that will live long in our memory.


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Summer is Coming and it will soon be BBQ Season

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